Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year! A New Look!

In late 2009 I decided to start CINEMEMORIES with the hope of establishing, after an extended hiatus from blogging, an online presence once again (I announced my intentions in the inaugural post of my new film blog). At the conclusion of my first year here I reflected back, as people tend to do whenever "Big Daddy Earth starts one more trip around the sun," and several things occurred to me.

I noticed that over the course of the year I posted a total of 20 pieces. Not only is that less than an average of two per month, but the majority of them were "cross-posts" of articles I wrote for my friend Ed Copeland's blog (where I contributed a whopping 27 articles). If I intend to take my participation in the online community seriously, that is pretty pathetic. Thus, as a new year begins, I find myself not only wanting to write more pieces for my blog but to make them more substantial and thought-provoking (the truth is, I got a little lazy with some of my posts). Cinema is in a very significant transitional state right now, especially with the death of "film" becoming an ever-present reality, and although there may not be a huge number of readers out there dying to know what I think on various subjects, I should at least have the courage and character to express them.

I also found myself wanting to revamp my site. While I was pleased with the "Being There motif" I had created for the blog, an idea suggested itself to me that I thought could prove fun and perhaps, if I wanted to get myself writing more, even somewhat inspirational. What if I changed the layout of my blog every January? What if this became an annual thing? I liked it. As a new year presents itself, so does a new look for CINEMEMORIES. Once again I have chosen a very specific image which I think goes very well with the dual theme of cinema and memory.*

So, at the dawn of 2012, I look forward to a year of more, and hopefully better, writing about movies (both good and bad) and maybe even some good discussion. Hope you like the new look. Happy New Year, everyone!

*Where I could've gotten the idea to use a shot from this particular movie though, I do not know. It just came to me. I mean, it's not like anyone could've put it there, right? Right?


  1. Cool template, Damian. Look forward to whatever you have in store for us. Happy Year End.

  2. Yeah, good luck with the new site plan, Damian. I'm very thankful that your blog was one of the many I discovered last year.

  3. Love the new look. Happy to hear you are going to write more this year!

  4. I'm now on board. Looking forward to the ride.